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Hearing Aids and Audiology Services at Washington ENT

Our audiologists hold doctoral level degrees from accredited universities with special training in prevention, identification, assessment, and treatment of hearing disorders.

  • Audiologist - Washington, PA

    Meet Our Audiologists

    Our audiologists hold doctoral level degrees from accredited universities with special training for treatment of hearing disorders.

  • Hearing Aids - Washington, PA

    Hearing Aids

    We carry a full line of most of the major hearing aids and accessories. We will recommend the best hearing aid for your lifestyle needs and your budget.

  • Hearing Services - Washington, PA

    Hearing Services

    We provide a full range of hearing services for all your hearing needs, including custom earmolds and hearing protection.

  • Balance Tests - Washington, PA

    Balance Tests

    Our diagnositic services are focused on determining the cause of your balance disorder so we can institute appropriate medical or surgical treatment.

ReSound One - Washington ENT

Hearing Center in Washington, PA

At Washington Ear, Nose and Throat, we provide comprehensive hearing services including both diagnosis and management of hearing loss on patients ages birth +. Audiologic care is managed by our Doctors of Audiology in conjunction with support from our Otolaryngologists.

Choosing the Audiology team at Washington Ear, Nose and Throat means choosing to diagnose your hearing using research based practices. We know that each ear is different and unique, just as each patient is. This is why, through real-ear verification technology, we can measure and create the most accurate fitting of your hearing aids.

This website serves as a guide to help you better understand the mechanics of hearing as well as the processes we implement when reconnecting individuals to their listening world.

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Meet Our Audiologists