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Patient Testimonials

I recently purchased hearing aid through Dr. Wasel. I really thought it was a waste of time to get hearing aids at my age, but I am so glad I did. I feel much more confident and can hear and interact at the auctions I like to go to. No more misunderstanding my buddy when he tells me to bid on something! I feel sharper and am enjoying life so much more.

Office staff is very warm and inviting. Greets you with a smile. Nicole is very warm, kind and beautiful and makes you feel comfortable every visit.

I went to two different audiologists before coming to Washington ENT and was not happy because I never felt I could hear well. I came here specifically because there was a medical doctor. Dr. Goldberg examined me and then sent me to see Erinn for my hearing aids. I’ve been seeing Erinn for over a year now for my hearing aids and am very happy. She is very patient with me, has taken the time to teach me about my hearing loss and hearing aids. I am not only hearing better, but feel that I am able to be a better advocate for myself and others with hearing loss. She even took the time to help my husband understand my hearing loss.

Thank you so much for seeing me as a new patient. I appreciated the appointment (I didn’t have to wait long), the wonderful care and professionalism of all of you. I have not had one ‘dizzy spell’ since I was here the last time. I am so grateful to all of you. Blessings always! Keep up the great work!

Dr. Howard Goldberg & Dr. Edward Stafford, I am writing a letter of thanks because I am the very fortunate recipient of the set of hearing aids which you donated to the Washington Health System Foundation’s 2016 Charity Ball in April.

I had my hearing tested at your facility many months before and knew that when I purchased hearing aids I wanted to get them at Washington Ear, Nose and Throat. I had just put off buying the aids due to the cost and also just postponing the decision.

My daughter and her husband attended the Charity Ball. When seeing the hearing aids and knowing I really needed the help, she bid during the Silent Auction. Amazingly she was the successful bidder!!!

I had been staying with my granddaughter while they were gone. When she came home and showed me the hearing aids, I was as excited as a kid a Christmas. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Thank you so very much! This was beyond anything I would have ever expected. Your generosity has been a marvelous gift to me.

I do apologize that it has taken me so long to send a letter of appreciation. I am often behind in my correspondence but I am trying to catch up this week.

Actually, it took me some time getting used to the hearing aids. Erinn was very helpful at our first meeting but I just had to work at inserting them and getting accustomed to the devices. On my second visit with her, I had finally become more comfortable using the hearing aids. She answered my questions thoroughly. Now, I wear them with great ease and confidence and appreciation.

Each time I wear the hearing aids I really do remember how fortunate I am.

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