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Who should have a hearing test and why?

A baseline hearing test, or audiogram, is an important piece of hearing health for all individuals as with documentation of baseline hearing sensitivity, we are able to accurately monitor for change over time.

Hearing loss typically develops gradually over time; therefore, a patient may be unaware of a change in hearing sensitivity or may feel that he/she can “get by” with a hearing loss for a period of time. Research shows that patients may wait up to seven years after the onset of hearing loss to seek medical evaluation and discussion of treatment options.

With this typically gradual progression of hearing loss in mind, it is important to understand the common signs and symptoms of hearing loss and how hearing loss impacts a person’s quality of life as when an individual’s hearing is not optimal, he/she may be:

  • Feeling detached from social interaction and frustrated, angry, depressed or lonely as a result
  • Struggling to follow day-to-day conversation, particularly when communicating in the presence of background noise
  • Thinking that others mumble or speak too quickly
  • Withdrawing from and avoiding group conversations and activities
  • Requiring repetition
  • Turning volume up on TV radio
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