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Functionality of Hearing Aids

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Functionality of Hearing Aids

Functionality of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are fascinating devices that enable you to hear sounds you were previously unable to hear due to hearing loss. The basic philosophy of sound amplification has remained the same since the days of the ear trumpet, but hearing aids have come a long way in modifying the process of sound amplification over the years.

In the olden days, they used ear trumpets to gather, amplify, and funnel the amplified sound signals back to the ear canal. This basic process of sound amplification still remains the same, but the manner in which it happens has changed drastically.

Modern hearing aids are much smarter than their primitive ear trumpet ancestors. Nowadays we have directional microphones that are much better at choosing what types of sounds need amplification. You can select which conversation you wish to focus on, while eliminating background noises using the directional microphone on your hearing aids.

Once you have selected the sounds you wish to hear, the microphone sends the sound signals to the digital processor which contains a microchip that eliminates problems like wind noise, feedback, and background noise, while improving the sound quality.

Moving on to the amplification process, the multichannel amplifier is able to amplify sounds based on your unique hearing needs. This serves as an equalizer to ensure you get a more organic and natural hearing experience.

Apart from sound amplification, your hearing aids are also capable of streaming calls directly from your smart phone to both your hearing devices simultaneously. This is possible through binaural processing, which enables your hearing aids to communicate and work together in a synchronized manner.

Nowadays, your hearing aids are smart enough to adjust to their surrounding environments based on your unique hearing preferences. You can do this by programming your hearing aids based on GPS technology. This enables your hearing aids to automatically adjust to your preferred settings each time you reenter the preprogrammed venue. This can also be done by pairing your hearing aids to your smart phones and using applications to program the settings on your hearing device.

Modern hearing aids are nothing short of tiny miracles which enable you to make the most of your auditory world. If you or a loved one has hearing loss, talk to your audiologist about getting hearing aids today so that you too can enjoy all your favorite sounds for all your years to come.

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