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Getting the Most Out Of Your Hearing Aids

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Getting the Most Out Of Your Hearing Aids

Getting the Most Out Of Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are meant to give you a wonderfully enhanced hearing experience. However, some users often experience multiple challenges whilst using their hearing aids and it is important to address the issues these people may be facing and see how they can be resolved.

If you are having issues with your batteries running out too frequently, think about opting for larger hearing aids such as the behind-the-ear (BTE). These hearing aids have batteries that are very long lasting and can last for almost a month.

For those who do not wish to change their hearing aids, you can extend your battery life by switching off your hearing device whenever they are not being used, and storing the hearing aids with the battery doors kept open to allow for ventilation.

The most common complaint of certain hearing aid users is that their hearing aids are way more visible than they would like. Most of us do not like to disclose our hearing difficulties, and thus prefer sleeker, more discreet hearing devices. If you are concerned about the noticeable size of your hearing aids, ask your audiologist about invisible hearing aids, or hearing instruments that are placed complete-in-the-canal (CIC).

The problem with these more discreet hearing aids is that they can only be used for milder levels of hearing loss. They also tend to have a shorter battery life and are difficult to handle due to their small, delicate parts.

Some users complain of having feedback from their hearing aids, which can be disturbing. If this is the case with you, check for signs of any trapped earwax or debris that could be causing this feedback. Always clean your hearing aids before going to bed each night using a clean, dry, microfiber cloth.

Periodically, clean your hearing aids with the tool kit provided to you when you purchased your hearing aids. If these techniques do not eliminate feedback issues, consult your audiologist to check if there is any internal damage to your hearing aids.

Some users complain that their own voices sound strange and foreign to them when they first get their hearing aids. Remember that hearing aids take a while to get adjusted to, so keep wearing your hearing aids with increasing frequency each day to grow accustomed to the new sounds you are hearing. If you are still uncomfortable with the sounds you are hearing, take your hearing aids back to your audiologist to see if the settings need to be adjusted further.

Hearing aids can truly give you a whole new life. Every challenge you face with your hearing aids has a solution, so talk to your audiologist whenever you have any issues with your hearing aids. This way, you can make the most out of your hearing aids and live the life you truly deserve.

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