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Hearing Aid Adjustments

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Hearing Aid Adjustments

Hearing Aid Adjustments

Congratulations on getting your first pair of hearing aids! You may be curious about how you might get your new hearing aids adjusted so that you can begin to enjoy your new hearing experience. You do not need to wonder any longer. Keep reading to find out.

It is important to start your adjustment using a professional hearing evaluation. This will be able to help determine which of your hearing aid features need adjustment and to what settings they need to be adjusted to.

It is important to remember that if your hearing aids are fitted by a qualified hearing care professional, you may not need to have them adjusted at all. If you can hear everything accurately, you do not need to worry about getting them readjusted.

Hearing new sounds that were previously unheard can be an unnerving effect at first. This is why audiologists usually program the hearing aids to a volume level of only around 30% initially in order to help you adjust to the new sounds you hear without getting overwhelmed. As you get used to these sounds, your audiologist will encourage you to return for a period of six to twenty weeks so that your volume level can be gradually increased. This gradual process allows your brain to get enough time to process and adjust to the new sound level.

In rare occasions, your hearing aids may not fit properly. If this is the case, you will need to go back to your audiologist and let them know. Once they determine what the problem is, they can decide whether your hearing aids need to be replaced or whether they can simply change the settings and wires to make sure your hearing aid experience is a comfortable one. They can even use special programs to correct tinnitus or any hearing aid feedback sounds that you may be receiving.

If you feel that your hearing aids feel weird to be wearing over a period of time, you may want to consult your audiologist about this. A simple readjustment can help you gain a much more enhanced and natural hearing experience.

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