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Hearing Aids Can Really Help

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Hearing Aids Can Really Help

Hearing Aids Can Really Help

Hearing loss is a common problem in the United States today, affecting around 44 million people across the country. It is therefore astounding that only 1 out of every 3 elderly hearing impaired adults aged 70 and above actually uses hearing aids. Only 16% of hearing impaired adults aged 20-69 use hearing aids, according to the U. S. National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. This makes hearing loss one of the most undertreated health ailments in America.

The reluctance towards hearing aids is rather difficult to understand, especially because hearing aids do much more than simply help you hear in today’s world. They act as your personal assistant, help you stay connected, and even let you listen to music and watch television programs. After learning about the interesting things that modern hearing aids can do, you may even change your mind and decide to get hearing aids to rectify your hearing loss.

Hearing aids nowadays can actually remember the sound preferences you have in any given situation, since they have the ability to remember, thanks to their GPS system. Based on your location and settings during your prior visit, your hearing aids can automatically adjust to restaurants, movie theaters, and other environments based on your unique hearing preferences. This provides you with superior hearing abilities in any given situation.

Directional microphones in hearing aids can help you pick out the sounds you wish to focus on while eliminating background noise. This enables you to focus on speech sounds to help you follow conversations better, while tuning out noises that are occurring behind you in noisy and crowded environments.

Your hearing aids can even be paired up with other electronic devices, such as your smart phone. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can even stream phone calls directly into your hearing aids. You can even listen to television programs and rock out to your favorite tunes using your hearing aids as headphones.

Contemporary hearing aids even offer super clear sounds and even enable you to keep track of your health records. This helps them serve as your personal assistant and fitness buddy all rolled into one! By keeping tabs on your wellness scores, your hearing aids enable you to stay on track and stick to your personal fitness goals.

The world has come a long way since the days of the ear trumpet and clunky, oversized hearing aids. Modern hearing aids are invisible from the outside, and are capable of doing much more than just amplifying sounds. If you or a loved one suffers from hearing loss, it is time to rethink what hearing aids are actually capable of and talk to your audiologist about getting hearing aids.

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