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Hearing Loss of the Outer and Middle Ear

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Hearing Loss of the Outer and Middle Ear

Hearing Loss of the Outer and Middle Ear

There are various types of hearing loss that affect millions of people today. Hearing loss that results from damage to the middle or outer ear is known as conductive hearing loss. This can involve injury to the ossicle bones within the middle section of the ear, the ear canal, and the observable part of the outer ear.

Several different reasons can account for the development of conductive hearing loss. A possible cause is genetic predisposition that results in deformities of certain parts of an ear, such as bony lesions or abnormal growths inside the ear canal.

Another cause for conductive hearing loss can be environmentally based, such as accidentally getting water trapped into the ear which can result in swimmer’s ear or otitis externa. Accumulation of dirt, dust, and earwax can also lead to blockages that cause conductive hearing loss. This type of blockage is usually easily remedied through professional ear cleaning services to help remove the earwax.

Problems within the eardrum such as perforation or collapse of the eardrum can also lead to conductive hearing loss. Injury or trauma to the delicate ossicles or bones within the middle ear can also result in conductive hearing loss. These types of damage may require surgery since they have no other natural or medical remedy.

Infections within the ears can also be another cause for conductive hearing loss. Infected ears often result in an excess accumulation of fluid within the ears which causes hearing impairment. Depending on the type of infection, this cause of hearing loss can be treated by a medical professional to heal the infection, thereby restore hearing.

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