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Noise Pollution is Detrimental for Health

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Noise Pollution is Detrimental for Health

Noise Pollution is Detrimental for Health

When we think of pollution, we think of smog filled skies and choking smoke emitting from factory chimnies. Rarely do we think of noise as a source of pollution, even though it can very well be an invisible culprit that can damage our health.

We are so used to hearing noises that we tend not to think twice about it. Be it the honking of a horn or the whirring of a fan, we are constantly surrounded by various sounds all throughout the day and night. Even while we sleep, our brain is used to listening to and filtering out ambient noises such as the hum of the air conditioner or heating.

Noise pollution, however, is a growing problem and can lead to significant problems in our general health. The World Health Organization established guidelines for noises that are allowed at night, in the year 2009. These guidelines are valid for a decade since their establishment, and were created out of concern for the increasing rate of noise pollution worldwide.

You may scoff at it, but noise is no joking matter. Research indicates that noise pollution can lead to significant health problems, such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Even diabetes and obesity can be linked to noise pollution since these are medical conditions that arise as a potential side effect to severe levels of stress resulting from noise.

We may not realize it, but we contribute to the amount of noise pollution on a daily basis. Our loud musical melodies played on our audio device may seem exhilarating to us, but they ultimately add more noise to an already noisy world. Our recreational activities also involve noisy events, such as rock concerts, pub music, or sporting events.

Our hearing is very precious, and unfortunately also taken for granted. Once we lose our hearing we can never get it back since hearing loss is irreversible. All the noises that we subject ourselves to on a daily basis can rob us of our hearing and lead to permanent hearing damage. To avoid this, it is up to us to take steps to safe guard our ears.

Before exposing yourself to any loud noise, always remember to wear hearing protective gear such as earmuffs or earplugs. Invest in a pait of noise cancelling headphones to enjoy your music at safer, softer volumes while eliminating background noise. Taking care of your hearing health today will enable you to enjoy your favorite sounds throughout the rest of your life.

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