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Reduced Hearing Abilities with Age

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Reduced Hearing Abilities with Age

Reduced Hearing Abilities with Age

Hearing loss resulting from an increase in age is known as Presbycusis. Research shows that people begin to lose their sense of hearing between their 30s and 40s, while some lose their hearing sooner than others for multiple reasons. Over 50% of people aged 80 and above suffer from some form of hearing loss. Hearing loss can cause serious impediments to enjoying your life to the fullest, thus it is important to treat it in a timely manner.

Our ears are constantly exposed to the world of sound, even as we sleep. Prolonged exposure to loud noises can cause damage to the tiny nerve cells within our ears and lead to hearing loss. Medical conditions such as diabetes or cardiac ailments can also lead to hearing loss. Specific types of toxic medications, especially the ones used in chemotherapy can also deteriorate your sense of hearing.

The first sign of hearing loss is when you have trouble hearing high pitched sounds. Certain consonants may also be more difficult to hear than others, such as the letters f, k, p, s, and t. If you have trouble hearing other people during conversations, especially high pitched voices such as that of a child or a woman, this could also be a symptom of Presbycusis. You may have trouble following conversations in loud environments, and you may also experience a ringing sensation within your ears. In case of headaches, dizziness, changes in vision, or slurred voices, consult a doctor to rule out any underlying medical condition that could be causing your hearing impairment.

Presbycusis cannot be reversed or cured. You can, however, manage your hearing loss effectively through the use of hearing devices to help you lead a productive, active life despite having hearing loss. Hearing aids help amplify the sounds around you, and you may also get telephone amplifiers and other devices that can assist you in improving the sound quality you are able to perceive.

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