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Sources of Sound Pollution

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Sources of Sound Pollution

Sources of Sound Pollution

We live in a world full of sounds. Some are pleasant, while others disrupt our sense of peace and wellbeing. Furthermore, extreme levels of sound can be detrimental towards our hearing. It is important to identify common sources of sound pollution in order to protect our hearing and prevent hearing loss.

The excessive use of earphones is possibly one of the most prevalent reasons leading to hearing loss. Certain adjustments can be made to reduce the level of hearing loss inflicted through the use of earphones, such as wearing headphones that cover your ears instead of wearing earphones that are placed within the ears. You can also reduce the volume of your personal audio devices to up to 75dB, which is the limit that is considered to be safe.

People who enjoy going to loud music concerts or sporting events can also suffer from hearing loss. Taking certain precautions can help minimize the damage to hearing that occurs at these events. You can choose to situate yourself at a safe distance from the speakers. Some events may even supple earplugs if you request them, although you will be better off carrying your own personal pair from home.

Having a perfectly functioning home requires constant maintenance, and house repairs can be loud and may disrupt hearing. Loud power tools such as chainsaws or drills can emit sound levels of around 110-140dB, which can cause significant disruption in hearing. Ensure that you provide all your family members with noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs before engaging in home repairs.

Another unexpected source of noise is the popping of a balloon. Those who are young and those who are young at heart, all enjoy having balloons around the house during the celebration of special occasions. However, when popped, a balloon can create a sound level of up to 168dB, which is even higher than the sound of a shotgun. Sudden bursts of loud sounds can contribute to permanent hearing loss, so keep balloons to a minimum at your next party.

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