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The Lifespan of Hearing Device Batteries

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The Lifespan of Hearing Device Batteries

The Lifespan of Hearing Device Batteries

As a general rule, the batteries of hearing devices last somewhere between 2-14 days while the larger hearing aids that are non-wireless in nature can have longer lasting batteries. Digital hearing aids that can be connected to devices using the Bluetooth tend to have a much shorter battery life.

You can take steps to ensure that you maximize your hearing aid’s battery life and make the most out of your batteries using the following recommendations. Begin by activating your batteries. Some batteries are made of zinc which is activated after about five minutes after removing the sticker since they gradually come in contact with the oxygen outside. This is why it is important not to peel away the sticker of your new batteries if you do not intend to use those batteries immediately.

Another tip is to make sure that your hearing devices get sufficient time to dry out properly after each use to avoid any damage due to moisture. Make sure you avoid direct contact of your hearing aids with moisture as this can damage your battery.

When the hearing aids are not in use make sure to store them properly so that they are safe from any external damage and do not accidentally come within reach of young children or animals. Also be careful not to store your hearing aids around products made of metal since this can cause a short circuiting of the battery. Take extra care to store your hearing aids away from hot and humid areas.

Your audiologist can help you learn proper techniques to clean your hearing devices as well as your batteries to keep them in good shape. Keep in mind that your hearing-aid usage habits directly impact their battery life, so if you are constantly streaming music or audio from phone calls or the television, your battery will drain out faster than regular usage.

Hearing aid batteries can be recycled even when they no longer function so make sure you ask your audiologist how to properly recycle them through local provision. Do not throw out your old hearing aid batteries without consulting your audiologist.

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