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Voice Disorders

Voice Disorders Treatment

It has been said that the voice is “the window to the soul.” Accordingly, problems with voice may be an indication of other health problems, such as head and neck cancer, vocal fold paralysis, vocal fold polyps, cysts and nodules, tracheal or subglottic stenosis, and a variety of neurologic disorders such as Myasthenia Gravis, Parkinson’s Disease or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. At Washington Ear Nose, and Throat, we have state of the art equipment to visualize the larynx, including rigid videostroboscopy and flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy.

In addition, in our office, we have a 38 inch flat screen monitor that allows us to “play back” your examination. This is an invaluable asset in both patient education as well as photodocumentation of your examination to assess your response to treatment. In addition, we partner with experienced speech language pathologists from The Washington Hospital in the nonsurgical treatment of conditions such as Muscle Tension Dysphonia, Vocal Abuse, Paroxysmal Vocal Fold Dysfunction, Laryngopharyngeal reflux and Presbylaryngis.

From a surgical standpoint, our physicians also have expertise and experience in treating head and neck cancer and offer patients a variety of surgical modalities in the treatment of lesions of the vocal folds, including phonomicrosurgery techniques as well as the use of the CO2 laser, laryngeal/tracheal microdebrider, and balloon dilation of airway stenosis. Finally, in the treatment of the paralyzed vocal fold, our physicians offer a variety of treatments including injection and open thyroplasty.

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